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Come to Long Island and experience Whitetail Bowhunting at its finest! We offer both trophy bowhunts and deer management hunts, and we can offer you high percentage bowhunts on private land on the East End of Long Island. Our deer management hunts are unique, on private land, with guaranteed shot opportunities available.


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Come and book your hunt with us on private land in East Hampton, Amagansett or Montauk!


Trophy Hunts - See our Trophy Pics page to see some of the bucks taken by us.

Deer Management Hunts - We offer 100% shot opportunity on East End private land!

About Us

I am a NYS licensed hunting and fishing guide, and lifelong resident of Long Island. I have been fortunate to take many nice bucks here on Long Island, and also enjoy guiding other hunters on successful bowhunts and sharing my knowledge and experience with fellow bowhunters.


I have exclusive access to private properties in suburban areas on the East End of Long Island, where deer overpopulation is a problem. Our Deer Management Hunts focus on these areas, and I'm confident in promising deer sightings AND shot opportunities!




In a nutshell,Insane! I gotta tell you this story.
We’re here in Ohio hunting public land. I shoot this horse with the flyer, dresses to well over 240 pounds. I’ll send you another pic Jimmy took with me next to it when it’s hanging. Jimmy shoots a beautiful eight, and the day after I pass on another 140+ class. I tell my buddy Mike Mangano (Mango) to hunt my stand that I saw the 140 from that morning – which is a different location from where I shot the big guy. So since I had hunted that stand in the morning, my bow and backpack were still 25 feet up in that tree with my climber left on the bottom. I show him the layout of the funnel and why I selected the site, and I climb up to get my stuff out of the top of the tree. I reach the top, lower my bow to Mango and we hear noise that sounds like someone dropping lumber off the back of a truck. Then I realize that the sound is an epic battle between two monster bucks. The sound is like nothing I’ve ever heard before – it was nothing like any other buck brawls I’ve seen. these two titans are battling on a hill 80 yards away pushing each other up and down the hill. If you and I were fighting with rocking chairs – that’s what it sounded like. There was no clear winner in the battle after 4 rounds. So as they come down again I tell Mango “get your grunt out – grunt!”. He blows the thing and it’s like a kazoo. He clears the dirt out and they’re closer now, and he grunts. Here comes one of the bucks with the other one in tow, grunting behind him. The first buck comes right to us on a mission to kick some ass. He comes along the bottom of the ravine that Mango can’t see but I can, with me 25 feet up and I can’t move. Mango’s at the base of my tree. He pops up the ledge walking right to us searching for the buck he thinks grunted. Now he’s 20 yards, 10 yards, 5 yards and I can’t move waiting for Mango to shoot. He drills him at 5 yards after he turned, and he crashes after a 70 yard dash that I can see. Insane, like being on national geographic. Had to share that with you buddy. Another buddy with us Jason also shot an eight. Mango’s buck scores 155, mine 145. We had a pool of a hundred bucks a guy with eight guys and I thought I had it in the bag for a couple of days. I was never so happy to lose eight hundred bucks.
later, Billy

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Bowhunting season starts October 1st, and runs through December 31st.

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